Favorite Song Magic

Every favorite invites a journey.

About the Book

Is there anything more mysterious than music—or more to the point, our favorite songs? Lucien Price, a prolific writer for many publications, including the Boston Globe, suggests, “No one knows what music is. . . . In reality it is as little understood as that of its first cousin, electricity.”

Based on extensive research into music, psychology, and the brain—as well as decades of classroom experience—this book takes readers deeper into their favorite music, asking questions such as, Why have your favorite songs become favorites? What important parts of your life are your favorite songs attached to? How often do these songs pop into your head out of nowhere? Should you ignore them when they do? Have you ever used a song to give direction to a situation that was difficult to solve?


Favorite songs have for many become the main focus for moods and feelings, a way of answering the needs and longings of our inner-selves. Scientists, along with people from many human endeavors have had much to say about this. Dr. Charles J. Limb, a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco, says music can reconnect old thought patterns as well as formulate pathways to new ones.

Leo Tolstoy uses a character in one of his works to describe the profound impact music had upon him. In essence, his character Pozdnyshev offers a condensed sketch we could very well apply to our own favorite song experiences: "… [they] make me forget myself, my true condition, and they carry me off into another state of being, one that isn't my own. Under the influence I have the feeling of things I don't really feel, of understanding things I don't really understand, and of being able to do things I'm not able to do."

As you read through the book, one of the entries could very well ignite a spark to bring back a favorite for changing a situation that has long been bothersome. Indeed, our treasured songs have many benefits leading to a happier, more productive, and meaningful life. A few of the many benefits the author has experienced while engaging with favorite songs are:

  • uncovering things we might never have imagined
  • reviving our senses of wonder and curiosity
  • helping us when we seemed to have lost the wayy
  • triggering wisdom, hope, inspiration, and motivation
  • contributing important scripts to our life story
  • providing comfort in our darker moments
  • launching new self-renewal and personal power
  • uncovering new personal power hiding in my higher-self
  • chasing away our 24/7/365 foolish head chatter
  • and very importantly, helping us to become nicer persons

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NOTE: Favorite Song Magic can be used by individuals alone, or in group settings with training specialists.

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Author Brief

Guy Briggs - Author

Guy V. Briggs has served as a faculty member in higher education for 35+ years. He has taught in the fields of teacher preparation, business management, and the musical arts. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education Degree from Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, a Master of Music Degree from West Virginia University, and an earned Doctor of Music Education Degree from The University of Oklahoma, along with an MPA and an MBA. Currently semi-retired, he is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Department of Business and Economics at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise (VA), teaching the course Small Business Management. Additionally, he mentors small business owners with their concerns/problems - Certified Mentor with the U.S. Small Business Administration/SCORE.